From the land of pharaohs and queens renowned for their spiritual teachings as well as their beauty practices, Het-Heru's Chamber offers Nefer Atum Chakra Balancing Oils, all natural Sacred Soaps, moisturizing Body Butters with Shea Butter, Body Oils, Soy Candles and Gye' Nyame Hair & Beauty Products reminiscent of living in ancient  Egypt.

The knowledge of the Chakras has been known and taught for thousands of years beginning with the early Egyptians known as  the Khamau.

We offer a line of essential oil products with a spiritual intent. Based in the cultural teachings of ancient Egypt & India, our Sacred Oils focus on balancing the Chakras.

Founder of Het-Heru's Chamber, Het-Heru has taught different aspects of Yoga since 1969 and is a master teacher of Khamitic Yoga and spiritual intuitive.

The Chakras

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Chakra Balancing

Created by Master Khamitic Yoga Teacher Het-Heru, this 28 Day Program will help balance your Chakras and is a safe and effective method to accomplish this.

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