The knowledge of the Chakras has been known of and taught for thousands of years beginning with the early Egyptians who used their intuitive gifts to uncover 'doorways' to the spiritual realm which they named the Aritu. However, most information about the Chakras has been given to us from the early yogis of ancient India who taught of 'wheel-like' vortexes of energy in the etheric double (an energy field) which correspond to the different plexuses in the physical body. Each vortex was called a Chakra which means wheel. There are 7 major Chakras which flow the streams of vitality brought to the physical body.  Nefer Atum Sacred Oils place emphasis on balancing the Chakras. Through the intuitive gifts of the yogis, each Chakra or Arit is seen with a color. Because Nefer Atum Sacred Oils are based in the teachings of ancient Egypt, some of the colors are different. Both cultures believed that each Chakra has petals similar to a lotus flower. Early teachings place emphasis on 'opening' the Chakras. The yogis used advanced breathing techniques known as Pranayama which began with a strict discipline that included yoga postures.  This helped prepare the physical body for the awakening of the powerful spiritual energy known as 'Kundalini' which lies at the base of the spine. Pranayama was taught to the student by the master teacher (guru) only when the student was deemed ready or the student could suffer negative results. Other methods of working with the Chakras include meditation, using affirmations aka known as Mantra, devotional practices known as Bhakti and work dedicated to the creator, called Kharma Yoga. As mentioned, Nefer Atum Sacred Oils place emphasis on balancing the Chakras.  These Sacred Oils use the power of the olfactory nerve (sense of smell connected to memory) plus affirmation to create a safe and effective way to help achieve this goal.      

The Chakras