"I bought a small bar of your 7th Chakra Neter soap with Jasmine, Lotus & Ylang Ylang. OMG, it's the best thing I've ever smelled! Tonight when I set the Soap on my bathroom counter, it was like God and all the Angels were congregating at my sink!!"

                                                                                        -Knoel Babin, RNC BSN

Gye' Nyame Sacred Soap

Made with vegetable glycerin and scented with Gye' Nyame which is a combination of all of our Sacred Oils, this Sacred Soap is a wonderful addition to your Sacred Oil use.


3rd Chakra Sacred Soap

Location: Solar Plexus

Sacred Oil: 'KHEPERA'


Purpose: Peace & Tranquility

Musk, Lotus, Patchouli, Vetivert & Nag Champa


6th Chakra Sacred Soap

Location: 3rd Eye
Sacred Oil


Lavender, Citrus, & Nag Champa


Sacred Soaps

  2nd  Chakra Sacred Soap

Location: Navel Plexus

Sacred Oil: 'PTAH'


Purpose: Creativity

Frankincense, Myrrh, & Amber


Prosperity Sacred Soap

Our Prosperity Oil is a fresh scent of Frankincense, Myrrh, Bergamot & Citrus. As you apply it to your pulse points you will be reminded that YOU ARE A SACRED PROSPEROUS BEING!


5th Chakara Sacred Soap

Location: Throat Plexus
Sacred Oil:

Purpose: 'Communication'

Jasmine, Citrus, Bergamot & Citrus


 7th  Chakra Sacred Soap

Location: Crown
Sacred Oil:

Purpose: Higher Mind

Lotus, Jasmine, & Ylang Ylan


Our Sacred Soaps are made with all vegetable glycerin and scented with our Sacred Oils. We use no lye, dye or animal products in our products. Our soaps do not dry out skin and help to maintain the scent of the Sacred Oils when used.

4th Chakra Sacred Soap
Location: Heart Plexus
Sacred Oil: 'SACRED LOVE'
Purpose: Unconditional
Love &  Forgiveness
Musk, Myrrh, Geranium &
Nag Champa


"I met you at the Return Of The Gods this past Saturday where I purchased some soap. I smelled all your testers and I wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE the soap that I purchased. I barely had to use any and it lathered so well. I thank you for your talents and gifts. You have a very open spirit and such a loving person Thanks again for breaking down what you do with the Chakras!"  -Taylor C

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 1st Chakra Sacred Soap

Location: Base of Spine

Sacred Oil: 'KHAMIT'


Purpose: Spiritual Grounding

Majmua & Egyptian Musk


IMANI Sacred Soap

This is a mystical combination of Lavender Musk, & Nag Champa

essentials oils designed to connect you to the Sacred Courageous Self