"I knew the first time when I met Het- Heru that she was a really special lady-and then I tried the Prosperity Oil. Not only do I love the scent, but I constantly get compliments from other people wanting to know what it is and where to get it. And, every time I wear it my business has increased! It has become my favorite of all the scents I have ever worn. I want to thank Het- Heru for this fabulous product".

Here's to everyone's prosperity!" - Sheryl T

Prosperity Products

Prosperity Body Oil

Moisturize your dry skin with our Prosperity Body Oil. This combination of Olive Oil, Jojoba, Avocado & Grape Seed Oils, scented with our Prosperity Oil is a scentilizing way to remember YOU ARE A SACRED  PROSPEROUS BEING!... 8oz.


Webster defines Prosperity as 'To Prosper and Grow'. Our spiritual ancestors taught that it is our divine nature to live a prosperous life with good health, love, joy, peace and wealth. Our Prosperity Oil was designed to remind us of this truth.

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Prosperity Oil

Our Prosperity Oil is a fresh scent of Frankincense, Myrrh, Bergamot & Citrus. As you apply it to your pulse points you will be reminded that YOU ARE A SACRED PROSPEROUS BEING!


Prosperity Body Butter
A combination of Shea Butter and Avocado Oil and scented with Prosperity Oil, our Prosperity Body Butter is one of our most popular products. This is a great moisturizer for extra dry skin while the scent is reminding you that YOU ARE A SACRED PROSPEROUS BEING!...4oz.


Prosperity Soap

This is an all vegetable glycerin soap scented with our Prosperity Oil. We add no lye, dye or animal products to any of our Soaps.
Using the Soap with the Prosperity Oil will help to maintain the scent longer.