Sacred Soaps

Fill your Space with the Sacred Scents from Het-Heru's Chamber. These all soy long burning candles are scented with our Nefer Atum Sacred Oils, Prosperity, IMANI and Gye' Nyame.

Chakra Balancing Program

 Master Khamitic Yoga teacher Het-Heru has combined her  knowledge and her gift as a spiritual intuitive to create a 28 Day Program.

Sacred Love Products

Just as water seeks its own level, to attract Sacred Loving Relationships, we must connect to our Sacred Loving Self and balance the 4th Chakra

Prosperity Products

Prosperity Products are a scentilizing combination of Frankincense Myrrh, Bergamot & Citrus,with 23 kt gold added to help you attract Prosperous experiences  

Gye'  Nyame Beauty Products

A line of all natural products which consist of Body Butters with Shea Butter, Body Oils and Soap that help to restore moisture to the skin. They are scented  with  Gye' Nyame scent.

Gye' Nyame Hair Products

Moisturize your hair with our all natural Hair Serum made with Argan Oil and our Hair Butter made with Shea Butt. scented with Gye' Nyame.

"In a complicated, often stressful world, anything that  supports our quest for inner peace is a true blessing. These Oils mixed and matched according to whatever particular situation life presents, can be a gentle reminder to put all in proper perspective. I use them...I appreciate them...I recommend them". 

  -Dr. William Knight

 IMANI Products

IMANI, means Faith in Swahil and is is designed to connect the wearer to the Sacred Courageous Self. A combination of Lavender, Egyptian Musk, & Nag Champa essential oils.

Our Products

Nefer Atum Sacred Oils

 A line of 7 essential oil blends designed to balance the Chakras using the power of the olfactory nerve (sense of smell) and spoken word.