IMANI Body Butter

A Shea Butter & Avocado Oil blend that will help make your skin soft and smooth and scented with our popular IMANI Sacred Oil...4oz.


IMANI, which means Faith in Swahili is a bold addition to the Het-Heru's Chamber Sacred Oil collection. It is designed to connect the wearer to the Sacred Courageous Self. This unique scent is an empowering combination of Lavender, Egyptian Musk, & Nag Champa essential oils. IMANI  bequeaths the wearer to live by  faith and not by sight.

With the increasing anxiety that is building daily in our society, Het-Heru was inspired by a message from her spiritual guides whom she calls the Ancestors to create the new IMANI blend.  The message was in response to something that she had given up hope that she had wanted to see manifested in her life. She was reminded that the remedy for this was FAITH.

As with all of the Sacred Oils, the Ancestors channeled IMANI to help its user remember this important step toward self- empowerment by connecting to the Sacred Courageous Self.

IMANI Sacred Products

"My favorite product in Het-Heru's Chamber is IMANI. The scent is divine and I immediately feel connected to spirit when I put it on. It has an amazing soft, fresh scent and just a little drop goes along way!"

                                                                                                                                                           -Nancy H

IMANI Sacred Soap

Is made with all vegetable glycerin and scented  with our popular IMANI Sacred  Oil which is designed to connect you to the



IMANI Sacred Oil

This is a mystical combination of lavender, musk, & Nag Champa

essentials oils designed to connect you to the



IMANI Body Oil

Moisturize your dry skin with this delightful blend of Olive, Jojoba,

Avocado & Grape Seed oils. Scented with IMANI, this is a great way to remember that you are a SACRED COURAGEOUS BEING!...8oz.

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