"I Purchased the Gye'Nyame Body Butter at the Wholistic Fair on Sunday and

am just loving  the scent as well as how soft my skin is now". - Claudia W

Gye' Nyame Body Products

(Pronounced jean ya may)

Gye' Nyame Body Lotion

Help moisturize your dry skin with this synergistic blend of natural extracts and vitamins. The rich and creamy formulation helps to prevent dry skin as well as protecting the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Another favorite with our customers, our Body Lotion is scented with

Gye' Nyame... 8oz.


 The ancient Egyptians understood the importance of maintaining their connection to the Infinite in everything they did including their beauty practices. They also understood how essential oils could help with that connection. With that in mind, Het-Heru has created a line of all natural Sacred Soaps, Body Butters with Shea Butter, Body Oils and  Hair Products that help to restore moisture to the skin and hair. We've scented them with our very popular Gye' Nyame which is a combination of all 7 Nefer  Atum Sacred Oils to help remind you 'That There Is Nothing But God'.

Gye' Nyame Sacred Soap

Enjoy this unique combination of all 9 of our Sacred Oils added to a base of Melt & Pour all glycerin soap. Our soaps have no animal products or no lye or dyes.


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Gye' Nyame Hand Lotion

Moisturize dry hands with our
Gye' Nyame Hand Lotion. Made with Shea Oil, Glycerin, Aloe Vera Leaf, Almond Seed Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and all 7 Nefer Atum Sacred Oils, IMANI and Prosperity Oil, this rich lotion is a favorite amongst our 
Gye' Nyame Products 2.5oz.

Gye' Nyame Body Butter

A blend of Shea Butter and Avocado

Oil and scented with a combination

of all 7 Sacred Oils plus our
IMANI and Prosperity Oil...4oz.


Gye' Nyame Body Oil

This wonderfully hydrating Body Oil is a combination of Olive, Avocado, Jojoba & Grape Seed Oils is scented with all 7 Nefer Atum Sacred Oils which we call Gye' Nyame. This is a delightful way to moisturize your skin..8oz