About The Chamber

 "Greetings Het Heru;
Thank you so much for bringing these divine products to market. I am positively euphoric over my hair butter, body oil and prosperity oil. The high quality of each, the heady scent   and silky  textures are like enveloping my body in the softest cloud. I am acutely conscious of loving myself when I use creations from Het Heru’s Chamber." - Leah Young

Founder & Executive Director
The Art of Women Foundation <http://artofwomenfoundation.org/>
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Mixing mysticism and spirituality with an acute knowledge of aromatherapy Het-Heru's Chamber
line holds a sacred space in the realm of scentilizing offerings that include essential oils, candles
body and hair products.
An expert in the early Egyptian sciences of sensory alchemy, Het-Heru has embodied her creations as sensations to stimulate dimensions that transcend the physical aspect of existence. The Nefer Atum collection is an invasion of aromas that harken ancient memories of temples, palaces and pyramids.
The oils of musk, geranium, bergamot, majmua and myrrh are just a sampling of the ingredients used to sweeten her distinctive formulas. Blended as pure concentrates with no additional additives, only a few drops are needed. By anointing the wrists, inner elbows and neck pulse points, one is blessed for the entire day, while the affirmations provided with each vial serve to support in balancing each Chakra.