About Het-Heru

The ancient Egyptians (Khamau) taught that there was one Source whom they called 'Neter'. Unlike the Greeks and Romans who believed in Gods and Goddesses, the Khamau taught that the Neter had several aspects. The aspect which reflects Love, Music, Beauty and Dance was known as Het-Heru.

Given this name by a Khamitic Priestess, founder of Het-Heru's Chamber, Het-Heru Maatkeru, has been guiding her patrons to deep dimensions of inner sanctity via the olfactory nerve for almost a decade.   Also a Master Khamitic Yoga Teacher, she has taught different aspects of Yoga since 1969. In 1974 she opened the highly successful Harriman Studio of Yoga in West Los Angeles, California. Unique in many ways, The Harriman Studio was a haven for Yoga enthusiasts for 15 years where she taught thousands of students. Het-Heru pioneered her Yoga Teachers' Training Program from 1977-1989. After closing the Studio, Het-Heru began teaching Khamitic Yoga (aka Egyptian Yoga) which is based in the cultural and spiritual teachings of ancient Egypt and believed to be the origin of today's popular Hatha Yoga. It was during this time that Het-Heru, also a spiritual intuitive, began using her clairaudient abilities to connect with her spiritual guides whom she calls the 'Ancestors'. Ten years later she began channeling the sacred products which make up Het-Heru's Chamber.

​Het-Heru teaches Meditation, Chakra Balancing and Sacred Love Workshops and is also available for intuitive readings and spiritual coaching (by phone).

                                                   Contact Het-Heru to set an appointment @: info@het-heru.com

"Het-Heru is a beautiful spirit who with the help of her ancestral guides created this line of products. I have been blessed to have this amazing woman in my life and am so grateful for her, her products and wisdom".
Much Love- Nancy H