"What a fortunate day it was for me many years ago when I happened upon Het-Heru's Sacred Love Oil. It was the first essential oil mixture I fell in love with. From there it's been a polygamist's dream, one exotic mixture after another. I fell in love with them all. Nowadays I apply the whole Chakra line daily along with their affirmations and revel in the attention from strangers who declare; 'You smell so good! What a great way to help keep life in balance".

- Avry B

28 Day Chakra Balancing Booklet
Learn More About These Sacred Oils!
This booklet consists of a step-by-step guideline to follow our 28 Day Chakra Balancing Program. Written by Khamitic Yoga Master, and owner of Het-Heru's Chamber, Het-Heru Maatkeru, the booklet provides day-by-day instructions and 7 powerful Sacred Affirmations.​


Free with 28 Day Chakra Balancing Kit

28 Day Chakra Balancing Kit

Our program includes 7 Nefer Atum Sacred Oils, 7 Sacred Affirmations with a hunter green velour pouch, Chakra Chart, an instruction booklet that guides you each day of the 28 Day Program, and comes packaged in an attractive wooden box.


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28 Day Chakra Balancing Products

Creating a safe and effective way that works with today’s often hectic lifestyle, Master Khamitic Yoga teacher Het-Heru Maatkeru, has combined her extensive knowledge of Yoga, Metaphysics, and the Esoteric Sciences along with her gift as a spiritual intuitive to create a 28 Day Program that will help you to achieve this goal. 

Thousands of years ago and until recently, emphasis was placed on opening the Chakras. Our 28 Day Chakra Balancing Program is designed to take you to the next step which is to balance your already opened Chakras with the use of the olfactory nerve and the power of the spoken word. 

Packaged in an attractive green and gold wooden box, our program includes 7 Nefer Atum Sacred Oils with the 7 Sacred Affirmations, a booklet written by Het-Heru guiding you though the 28 Days, a hunter green velour pouch to store your Sacred Oils and a Chakra Chart.

Het-Heru has channeled this scentilizing way to balance your Chakras from the ancestors of ancient Egypt.