Created by Master Khamitic Yoga Teacher Het-Heru, this 28 Day Program will help balance your Chakras and is a safe and effective method to accomplish this.

From the land of pharaohs and queens renowned for their spiritual teachings as well as their beauty practices, Het-Heru's Chamber offers Nefer Atum Chakra Balancing Oils, all natural Sacred Soaps, moisturizing Body Butters with Shea Butter, Body Oils, Soy Candles and Gye' Nyame Hair & Beauty Products reminiscent of living in ancient  Egypt.

Founder of Het-Heru's Chamber, Het-Heru has taught different aspects of Yoga since 1969 and is a master teacher of Khamitic Yoga and spiritual intuitive.

About the Chamber

About Het-Heru

"Just a moment  of your time to tell you about 'Sacred Love' The secret oil fragrance by Het- Heru. I use it as my secret attraction force. It is truly a spiritual experience for both me and those who experience its aromatics. I've gotten comments like; "Oh My... what is that fragrance? I really like it! Also... " I just love that lovely scent it...and this is my first and only testimonial, ever for anything".  Peace and Blessings to you".  -- Dr Bodhise                                                                                                                            Manila Phillipines

Chakra Balancing

The knowledge of the Chakras has been known and taught for thousands of years beginning with the early Egyptians known as  the Khamau.

We offer a line of essential oil products with a spiritual intent. Based in the cultural teachings of ancient Egypt & India, our Sacred Oils focus on balancing the Chakras.

The Chakras